Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions are applicable to all the users who are using or going to use Mentorsh. In these terms and conditions, the terms “Your”, “You”, “Individual”, or “User” represents the user who is using or going to use Mentorsh and the terms “We”, “Our”, or “Us” represents Mentorsh authorities (both admins and moderators).

These terms will explain all your and our legal rights. So, you must have to agree to these terms & conditions before using our website. Don't use our website if you don't agree to all the terms & conditions. By clicking any of our services (like signing in or signing up), using or surfing our website will mean that you agree to all of our terms & conditions and you accept that you are bound to our policies and you will follow all the policies explained by us. Our privacy policy explains everything we collect or use. Kindly check our Privacy Policy for detailed information and if you have any questions or confusion about any of our policies or terms, then feel free to Contact us or you can also send mail to us at “mail@mentorsh.com”.

Now kindly read our terms very carefully.


You have to provide us the accurate information such as email and phone number at the time of registration on our website. You agree that we can use your data for sending you mails and messages about upcoming workshops and demo classes. We ensure you that we will not use your personal information for any illegal purpose and also that we will not sell or disclose your personal information to any third party or any outsider. You are not allowed to create fake accounts on Mentorsh using unauthorized methods. You are not allowed to sell your account to any other person like any business or entity.

If you use our website, you agree that you will provide correct information and you are creating an account or using our website for yourself and your own purposes, not for any other person. You will be responsible for all the activities performed from your Account (either legal or illegal), so don't share or disclose your credentials to any untrusty person. If we noticed any illegal activity from your account, we have the right to suspend you from the course or Delete your account from Mentorsh with or without notifying you.

You will be responsible for the security and confidentiality of your account. Please do not share your personal account information (e.g. email or password) with any untrusty person. You agree that you will not use the personal information of others such as Phone Number, CNIC number, Credit or Debit Card Number, etc. on our website. You are not allowed to use the login credentials of other users. You agree that all the information you provided is related to you and we’ll make sure of it.

CNIC Details

It is necessary for all the students to fill the CNIC Detail. You have to provide us your correct & complete name, father name, & yor CNIC number(B-Form Number) according to your CNIC. You also have to provide us the images of the front and back side of your CNIC (or B-Form if you are under 18 years). We 'll use your name & father name on the certificate & other CNIC details will be used for verification purpose only. We ensure you that your informaion will be private & we'll not use your information for any illegal purpose.

If you accept our terms, you agree that you'll provide us the correct CNIC details & you will not use information of any other person. We'll make sure that the information your provided is related to you only. If we noticed that you have used CNIC information of any other person, we'll take strict actions against you.

Refund Terms

Here are some terms and conditions regarding refund:
  1. Refund will be available for only 7 days after first class.
  2. If you get suspended due to not following rules, you will not get refund.
  3. You will not get enrollment in the same batch again.
  4. Your negative feedback will remain anonymous.

Teacher Rules

  1. Teachers are not allowed to communicate with students outside discord.
  2. Teachers are not allowed to share their personal contact information with any student.
  3. Teachers must check and respond to students at least once a day on discord.
  4. Teachers are advised to mark students' attendance in every class and check students' assignments on a weekly basis.
  5. If a teacher want to take an extra class, he/she has to inform management about the class timings.
  6. Teachers should inform the management at least 30 minutes before canceling any class.

Student Rules

  1. Students are not allowed to communicate outside discord.
  2. Students are not allowed to misbehave or crosstalk in class and discord.
  3. Boys can send private discord messages to CR only and Girls can send private discord messages to GR only, if someone other than your gender tries to contact you by any way you must inform the management otherwise you will be suspended.
  4. Students are not allowed to ask for the personal number of any other student or instructor. If someone does so, inform the management immediately.
  5. Join the class on time, otherwise, you will be marked as absent. If the teacher asks something, you are supposed to respond, if you will not, the teacher will mark you as absent.
  6. If a student wants an extra individual class from instructor, he/she have to ask the management. Management will inform the student about the availability of the instructor and schedule the class accordingly.
You are requested to follow all the intellectual iroperty rights rules, if we noticed that you have violated any of our terms, we'll take strict actions against them. This could result in the termination of your Mentorsh user account and you will be restricted to use or learn from Mentorsh.
If you fail to follow the rules, Mentorsh have full rights to suspend you anytime and by using our website you allow us to do so.